How to Stock a Pantry with Real Foods

  • Part of having real success with a major dietary change is preparedness. When you have the right foods that need on hand, you’ll be a lot less likely to fall into bad eating habits again. A little bit of preventative foresight can prevent a ton of annoyance and disappointment, so you’ll be excited to see that the following article has been written to explain good ways to stock your pantry so you have an easier time with staying healthy.

Great Things for Real Foods Meals


  • This real food beverage is a great thing to have on hand for your pantry. Tea can be enjoyed cold or hot, and you can sweeten it naturally with honey or juice to give it any flavor that compliments your meals with perfection. Tea also has loads of antioxidants, and can be used as a comparable replacement for coffee in the morning. There’s less caffeine in tea, so it won’t smack you in the face and give you a harsh drop, but one of the best parts is that it can be kept at your desk and sipped all day without leaving you jittery and spent.

Coconut and Olive Oils

  • Some foods require a little extra help to cook properly, so coconut and olive oil are great for a wide range of food types. These oils are extracted from plants, and have some important benefits to your cardiovascular system, and helps to reduce inflammation in the body. These oils also make your veggies delicious, so be sure to pick up some of these oils. If you want to save on these oils, the best thing you can do is buy a larger container so you can pay a lower price per fluid ounce.

Sprouted and Regular Flours, Whole Oats, Quinoa, Pop Corn, Rice

  • It’s always a good idea to have some flour on hand. You can use it to make your own baked good and gravy, but you always have the alternative for trying sprouted flour. It’s easier to digest, and can be used to make those extra special meals.

  • Having some good quality oats can make excellent breakfast, as well as quite a few simple and healthy ethnic dishes. Quinoa is always a welcome member of the family, and popcorn (natural varieties) makes an excellent snack. Rice can be used in small amounts, and pairs well with veggies.

Dried Herbs/Spices

  • Lastly, you’ll need some herbs and spices, but you’re putting them in the pantry, so you’ll want them to either be organic pesticide free brands that you find in quality food stores, or devise a way to dry them yourself. It probably wouldn’t take long to hang them and dry them the old ways before storage. That way you have all you need to whip up some super satisfying meals.

  • Dear Internet users and loyal subscribers, so many times we do not know how to properly arrange food in the pantry. Always have your pantry or canned food on hand so you always have access to it! So, bite into life!
  • Anne-Vasthi

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