4 Easy Ways to Relieve Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is not only annoying and uncomfortable, but it can actually lead to increased shedding and hair loss. When you have dry hair, the flakes can clog your hair follicles, not to mention the scratching can loosen the hairs on your head. Here are some easy, natural ways to relieve your dry scalp.

1. Treat the Cause of Dry Scalp

– Before looking into specific remedies for your dry scalp, consider what the cause of it is.
There are often easier remedies based on why you have dry scalp. Some people develop this scalp condition with no real cause, but not always.

– For example, if you have hard water in your shower, that might lead to dry scalp, which is easy to fix with a water softening system. It can also be caused by a fungal infection, conditions like psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, and extreme weather conditions.

2. Use Tea Tree Oil

– In terms of natural remedies for your scalp, it doesn’t get much better than tea tree oil. This type of essential oil has amazing natural healing abilities, including being an antifungal and antibiotic oil. There is a reason it is often added to shampoos and masks that are meant to help the scalp – because it works.

Tea tree oil is really great for your skin, especially with relieving dry scalp and helping to reduce itching. Find a shampoo with tea tree oil or just add some of it to your own favorite shampoo.

3. Aloe Vera

– You may have heard about using aloe vera on the skin, such as for a sunburn or irritated skin following a bug bite, and that is exactly why you should use it on your scalp. Aloe vera has natural anti-inflammatory properties and cooling properties.

– By applying it to your dry scalp, you help to cool off any irritation, reduce swelling, and can relieve itching as well. You can apply it topically to any area of your scalp that is bothering you, or you can get a shampoo with aloe vera in it.

4. Use Conditioner on Your Scalp

– Lastly, you should be applying conditioner to your scalp, not just your hair itself. Many people won’t put conditioner on their scalp and roots because it can make it oily. That is true, however if you have an extremely dry scalp, you might need a little bit more moisture on your scalp. There is a balance between using enough to take care of your scalp, but not so much where it causes oil buildup.

– Dear readers, if ever you have seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis , see your nearest dermatologist for consultation. In the meantime, try the little tricks in this article to alleviate the itching.


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