Positive Affirmations to Help with Depression

If you are suffering from depression, it can be hard just getting out of bed, let alone
doing anything to help. However, you probably have moments of clarity where your
depression takes a pause, and that is when you should take advantage and look for
other ways to manage your symptoms. One great way to do this is by using

– What are Affirmations?

It helps to first have a better understanding of what affirmations are and how they can
help you. An affirmation is simply a word or phrase that you repeat (silently or out loud)
that puts you in a different mindset. They are used for many purposes, but they really
help to bring more positive energy into your mind and your life.

There have been studies to show that your subconscious mind doesn’t always
understand past and present, so by repeating these phrases with earnest to yourself,
you often bring in that positive energy and can make it a reality. If nothing else, they can
help you get through some really bad depressive episodes until you are able to get
other types of help.

– Examples of Affirmations for Depression

Affirmations can be anything you want to repeat to yourself that bring in positive
thoughts or help you to be more mindful. It might take a little time before you find the
ones that work best for you specifically. However, a good place to start is with words or
phrases that shift your mindset to feeling good about yourself and your life, even if you
don’t quite feel that way in this moment.

Here are some examples:

  • I feel connected and close to the people I love.
  • My life matters.
  • I will become a healthy and strong person.
  • I love myself and my life.
  • I am important and valuable.

– Tips for Using Affirmations

The key to using affirmations for depression or any other mental illness is to do so
consistently. The more you repeat these affirmations to yourself, the more you will begin
to believe them. Absorb the words and feel them deep in your mind and body.

Eventually, you will come to think more positive thoughts and less negative thoughts,
which can help you cope with depression, along with other treatment options you have.
It is important to note that they are not meant to replace other treatments, but simple
accompany them.

In short, you can not only read positive affirmations from famous people on the internet. But you can also make up your own affirmations according to your needs, perspectives and the goals you want to achieve. Depression is a serious illness, to get better you have to use positive affirmations that suit you the best.

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  1. A beautifully written blog Ludmilla.
    I love the information.
    I’m actually working on a similar topic.
    And this blog could be very helpful to me.
    I also feel this blog is useful to many people. It’s very positive

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    1. Thanks a lot! I hope you find inspiration.😊

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      1. I do!!
        Most of thing is very useful to me.
        It will give my blog a beautiful direction.
        Also, I can’t tell you how happy I am to discover your site. I didn’t know there are such amazing health bloggers here who care about their readers.

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      2. Wow! You make me want to work even harder for the well-being of our reading community.

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      3. I think we should!!
        It’s the experience that make the blog worthwhile.
        I am enjoying your work, due to your knowledge, your beautiful content and your interaction. You care about others work and that what makes this experience wonderful. Thanks

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      4. Yes, people’s health counts a lot to us.

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      5. Me too… Glad to find a fellow health and wellness blogger

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      6. The pleasure is mine😄

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  2. Anne-Vasthi Louissaint says:

    You’ve made a great job guys! Keep it up!

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  3. Hi Ludmilla, positive affirmations are an effective strategy, especially in situational depression. It is important to note, as well, that some people suffer from clinical depression which might require more of an intervention from therapy, or medication. Positive affirmations definitely help the person to focus more on the positive, though. Problem with clinical depression, though, is that the person feels so down that nothing seems to help, at all. Is there a mental health helpline that you would recommend for a person reading your blog who might need more assistance dealing with depression? Your blog is very valuable, especially in our society today when depression seems to be on the uptick . .

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    1. Hi Jenny! How are you? Sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy this weekend.

      I agree with what you just said. Situational depression, positive affirmations work perfectly. But with clinical depression where psychotherapy and neurolobiologicals are required, positive affirmations seem weak to help with the depression. Because the person has a vital sadness where the person describes it as very unpleasant events. They happen only to him/her and he/she lives with a total lack of reactivity because he/she has a great suffering.

      It is very difficult, when you are depressed and see that nothing can help you.

      Personally, I don’t have a helpline, but I can recommend this:

      Nurturing Your Own Mental Health

      To nurture your mental health, it requires a level of acceptance. Not accepting that it will never get better, but just understanding where you are today at this moment. Get to a place where you aren’t constantly trying to get to the next level if it is berating who you are and where you are right now.

      This can apply to anything in your life, from your physical appearance to your habits, profession, personal relationships, and of course your mental health. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to constantly change and be better, and just find a place of acceptance.

      Hiding From Your Anxiety or Depression with Stimulants –

      It is not uncommon to “deal” with mental health issues by avoiding them entirely. Far too many people do this and don’t even realize the ramifications. But if you are relying on stimulants to deal with your emotions or mental state, like smoking, drinking heavily, or relying on caffeine for energy, you are actually hurting yourself in the long run. With alcohol, it is a depressant, so it might be fun while drinking, but once you sober up, your depression and anxiety is much worse.

      How Changing Your Mindset Can Help With Your Mental Health?

      If you are currently dealing with mental health issues, whether you have diagnosed anxiety or depression, anxious thoughts, or a lot of emotional stress in your life, working on your mindset can do wonders. This is not a quick fix or meant to replace professional help, but it does help a lot with managing your mental state on a daily basis.

      To a person going through a depressive problem, whatever its classification, the solution is not to give up. It may be that you don’t see a solution, or an affirmation that can give you back what you think you’ve lost. But someday, you’re going to find yourself in a position where you’re going to ask yourself: BUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? HOW CAN I MAKE THIS BETTER? HOW CAN I DO THIS? And when you get to this point you will find the answer. But in the meantime, if you have psychotherapy (individual therapy or group therapy), don’t stop going. If you have medication, don’t stop taking it. If you can go for a walk, listen to music, paint, read an interesting book, cook good food or meet new people, or do any activity that can give you some life back, do it.

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      1. Hi Ludmilla, Thank you so much for responding to my comment and questions. This life can be difficult and it is very helpful to learn strategies to deal with the ups and downs. I’ll definitely take your advice. Thanks, again.

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      2. You’re welcome Jenny! 😊😄

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  4. abe john says:

    Hi There

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    1. Hello, how are you doing today?


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