3 Ideas for Sugar-free Meals and Snacks

As you begin planning out your new sugar-free life with a sugar detox, you will need to
figure out what to eat. It can be a little overwhelming when you realize how much added
is in the foods you already eat, especially if you rely a lot on packaged or
processed foods. Here are some ideas for simple meals and snacks without a lot of
added sugar.

1- Breakfast

Let’s start with breakfast, as it can be one of the easier ways to add sugar-free or low-
sugar meals to your day. If you are doing a gradual sugar detox, just start with breakfast
before you worry about your other meals. To keep it simple, you can just mix up a fruit
smoothie or make a smoothie bowl. Sugar detoxing still allows you to have natural
sugars found in fresh fruits and vegetables, just make sure you choose them fresh. If
you go for frozen fruits, look on the package to make sure no sugar has been added.

Another idea is to simply have eggs and veggies. Again, veggies should be fresh or
frozen with no added sugar. This is a simple and filling meal that won’t make you feel
like you are missing out.

2- Lunch and Dinner

There are many different options for lunch and dinner, depending on your personal
dietary guidelines. This will depend if you are a vegetarian or vegan, low-carb, or even
gluten-free. Just try to remember that most packaged and processed foods have hidden
, as well as a lot of the deli meats you get for sandwiches. Here are a few ideas:
Salad with homemade balsamic olive oil dressing, avoid bottled dressing as most of
them contain sugar.

Lettuce wrap with your preferred protein source: the lettuce wrap avoids added sugar
in bread, but be careful about the meats you include inside. Most deli meat has added
sugar, so look on the packaging.

Simple protein, carb, and veggie dinner. This is the simplest way to create a healthy
dinner. Choose a lean protein like fish or chicken you have made yourself without
marinades that contain sugar, choose fresh veggies over canned, and add in a healthy
carb like brown rice.

3- Snacks

What about snacks? This might be where you struggle the most, since many people
look for candy, cookies, crackers, and many other packaged items to be eaten as
snacks. Even healthy protein bars are often loaded with added sugar. In this case, the
best option is to be simple with fresh fruits or vegetables, cheese sticks with no added
sugar, or hardboiled eggs.

I hope these simple ideas help you on your sugar free journey.

See you soon,


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