6 Best Vegetables for a Black Thumb

– Growing vegetables at home might seem like a wonderful way to save money and have fresh food at the ready, but when you have a “black thumb”, it can feel impossible. Luckily, there are some varieties of plants that are really easy to grow, even if you have a history of killing plants before they can thrive.


– If you are either brand new to growing vegetables or you feel like you would kill anything you try to grow, tomatoes will be your new best friend. Tomatoes are very easy to grow, both inside and outside. Maybe you have a small plot of land and you want to grow a few different vegetables. Tomatoes work great with vertical gardening, so the plant will grow up and take up less space. You can also grow them indoors in a container if you prefer.

-Lettuce and Spinach

– Another type of vegetable crop that is very easy for beginners to grow is lettuce and spinach. From leaf lettuce like spinach and kale, to heads of lettuce like iceberg and romaine, you have a lot of options here. Lettuce seeds are found just about anywhere if you want to try them from seeds, but you can also use an indoor hydroponic garden for lettuce as well. The only thing to be wary of is the temperature outdoors. Lettuce can handle some cold temperatures, but not frost or freezing temperatures.


You may also want to grow some cucumbers! Not only are these easy for black thumbs to grow, but they don’t require a lot of space. In fact, you can grow them in containers on your balcony or in your kitchen if you don’t have the yard space.

– Cucumbers themselves are very versatile, helping to add some flavor and nutrients to your salads, chopping up and adding to soups, and using as a healthy snack. Because of their high water content, you can also use cucumbers in your green juices or smoothies.


– Lastly, it might be worth a try to grow summer squash. Like cucumbers, they don’t require a lot of space and are a really versatile vegetable. Summer squash can be grown outdoors or indoors, and work amazingly well in container gardens or raised garden beds in your backyard.

– When it comes to growing vegetables, even if you don’t have much luck with gardening, reading the instructions for watering, sunlight, and space is the most important thing to pay attention to.

-In conclusion dear readers, even if you are not an agronomist or a farmer, you can still grow some fruits or vegetables in the backyard if you have a lot of space. To learn more, check out books or websites that cover the subject and then implement the instructions. For those who don’t have much space, grow them on your balcony in a container or a planting-bed.

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– Anne-Vasthi

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