3 Tips for Creating Your Own Green Juice Recipes

Have you had a chance to try making a green juice yet? If you are well versed in
searching on the internet, you will easily be able to find a staggering number of recipes
that you can use to make some ultra-healthy drinks, but if you’re more the kind of
person who wants to come up with their own drinks, then there are a few things that
you’ll want to know before you get started on this journey. As you follow along with the
next few paragraphs, you’ll be leaning a few tips for creating your own green juice

1-A Few Details

At first glance it probably seems like a pretty easy task to pick out some food to juice,
but things are not always as simple as they seem. Most foods can be bad for you when
eaten in overtly large quantities, and this can be especially true of juicing because of the
concentrated nature of the juicing process. If you plan to juice every day, it will be
important for you to observe the rule that you use different vegetables each day to
prevent yourself from getting a buildup of toxins contained in the plant material. This
balance will not only protect you from any accidental harm, but will also keep things
interesting so you can continue your juicing.

2-Selecting Your Vegetable Base

To produce a good base for your juicing, pick a vegetable with a high moisture content.
Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, apples and other juicy fruits and vegetables will make an
excellent base when you juice them, and you can make various blends of them. Just be
sure to balance out the acidic ones with more basic varieties. That can help protect you
from reactions to the pure juice. One very easy rule to follow, would be to juice things
that you can see yourself eating in meals

3-Your Main Vegetable and Optional Ingredients

Picking the main vegetable for your juice will likely depend on the effect that you’re
trying to achieve. Many of the main vegetables you use will have certain attributes that
are more desirable at specific times, especially with view to medicinal remedies. Bitter
gourds are associated with lowering blood sugar, and would be a suitable choice in the
case of a person suffering with a blood sugar issue, but not be a great choice for
someone who isn’t in need of that type of modification, so knowing what attribute each
vegetable provides will help you to make a choice.

Green juices are very good for your health. You can invent your own recipes and combine the vegetables and fruits you like the most. There is no need to make the same juice or stick to one recipe every day. Surprise yourself! Don’t forget to visit our shop we will be adding more products very soon.

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