8 Tips for Dining Out When You’re Plant-Based

The best way to stick to a mostly plant-based diet is to cook most of your meals at home. This is because cooking at home gives you more control over what goes into your food. However, cooking at home is not always an option, and enjoying a meal out can be fun and rewarding. So whether you’re traveling, short on time, or just want a night out, eating out at a restaurant doesn’t need to be difficult when you’re trying to stick to a primarily plant-based diet.

Don’t worry. It’s not hard! Try these eight tips for dining out when you’re on a plant-based diet:

1-Research Restaurants in Advance

If you know you’ll be eating out, research ahead of time to find restaurants with plant-based options. Many mainstream restaurants are now offering at least one vegetarian or vegan dish. Therefore you should have no trouble finding a place to eat.

2-Ask About Plant-Based or Vegetarian Options

If you’re unsure what a particular restaurant offers, call ahead or ask your server when you arrive. Most restaurants will adapt recipes to your dietary needs, even if they don’t have any specific vegan or vegetarian options on the menu.

3-Be Creative with Your Order

Even if a restaurant has no plant-based entrées, you can usually order a few side dishes or appetizers to make a meal. Salads, soups, grains, and vegetables are all great options. You can also ask the chef to prepare a dish without meat or dairy.

4-Get Your Protein from Plants

If you’re worried about getting enough protein, there are plenty of plant-based sources of protein, such as beans, lentils, tofu, quinoa, and nuts. In addition, these protein sources are easy to add to a meal.

5-Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

If you suffer from allergies or have specific preferences, be sure to let your server know. This way, they can prepare your meal the way you want it. For example, they usually will if you want your sauce on the side or for them to avoid anything that you’re allergic to. Remember, they want to make you happy so that you come back!

6-Skip the Desserts

While it’s tempting to indulge in a delicious dessert, it’s often best to skip it when you’re trying to eat a plant-based diet. Most desserts have high fat and high sugar; worse, they’re low in nutrients. If you really want something sweet, order a fruit plate or ask for a vegan dessert option.

7-Drink Water or Tea or Infused Fruit Water

It’s essential to keep your body hydrated. It helps your digestion and will make you feel full. If you’re not a fan of water, order unsweetened tea instead or add raw fruit to your water to infuse it with flavor.

8-Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

If you accidentally (or on purpose) eat something that isn’t plant-based, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, just try to do better next time. Remember, every time you turn down meat-based meals, it helps reduce your impact on the environment.

With the right tools and information, you can easily stick to a plant-based diet when eating out. Remember to be patient with yourself and be prepared to make some adjustments. With a little effort, you’ll be dining out without mistakes in no time.

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