4 Tips To Meal Prep with Intention

When you meal prep, it isn’t just about making a list of groceries and being sure you get
everything on that list. It takes having a solid plan, expecting the unexpected, and being
realistic. This is a big part of meal prepping with intention, because you consider your
family’s specific needs and know that sometimes things come up and your meals won’t
always be perfect.

1- Start With a Plan

You should always have a good plan when you are meal prepping. For some people,
they like to write down days they know they will be eating out and just plan the
remaining days, while others are on a budget and want to use what they have in their
fridge as much as possible in the meal plan.

Create a weekly habit where you go through the food you have, decide on meals with
those ingredients, and make a list of what you need. This is a really easy way to start
with healthy meal planning.

2-Use Ingredients That Cross Over Multiple Meals

To avoid getting bored, think of foods or ingredients that you can add to your meal plan
that you are able to use for multiple types of meals.

For example, you might have veggies that you are using for a Sunday brunch when you
make a quiche for breakfast, and use the leftover veggies in sandwiches or wraps
throughout the week. You can use parmesan cheese for pizza, pasta, and even to top
salads, and use leftover chicken for quesadillas and new types of casseroles.

3-Don’t Cook Too Many New Recipes at One Time

If you try to cook 5 brand new recipes in one week, you will probably get overwhelmed,
and by day 3 or 4, be over cooking altogether. When you first get started with meal
planning and meal prep, choose just 1-2 new recipes to try each week.

This allows you try new recipes and new foods for your healthy diet, but you can avoid
becoming stressed or overwhelmed. It also ensures you are also cooking some meals
that you already know your family enjoys.

4-Be Realistic With Your Own Needs and Preferences

It is great to use other meal plans people recommend, but if your family hates kale, why
are you trying to make a kale salad with dinner one night? The great thing about meal
planning is that it is easy to personalize to your own family’s preferences. Always start
with foods you enjoy, and use those to create healthy meals.

Meal Prep with Intention is a very easy thing to do. You just need to know the tastes of your family, and the healthy ingredients that the food is composed of. Make a list and schedule for which day or occasion this food is needed. I wish you a good start if you haven’t done it and good follow up if you are already doing it.

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