5 Best Skin Antioxidants for Your Skincare

Research has consistently shown that your skin needs antioxidants. The more antioxidants you put on your skin, the better. Just like your body, your skin also needs nutrients to both survive and thrive. Your skin is your biggest bodily organ, so you will need to treat it well.

Antioxidants help fight the processes that cause your skin to age. They also allow your skin to have a more youthful glow and refresh your dull skin.


What are the best antioxidants for your skin type? You have access to over a dozen excellent antioxidants. However, a few just happen to stand out from the pack. Each of these nutrients takes terrific care of your skin. Be on the lookout for these antioxidants on your next shopping trip.

1-Vitamin C

Vitamin C erases fine lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines. People of all skin types can benefit from taking this antioxidant. What does Vitamin C do?: Vitamin C preserves the resiliency of your skin so that it looks smoother and firmer. Vitamin C lightens up dull skin and straightens out uneven skin tone so that your skin looks younger.

Vitamin C also hydrates your skin so that it can hold up to the storms of daily living, as well as the adverse effects of the environment. You can find vitamin C in everything from eye creams to lip balms. However, get the most out of this antioxidant by purchasing items such as products that brighten your skin.

2-Vitamin E

Vitamin E provides excellent antioxidant properties to your skin. While you can find this vitamin in both synthetic and natural forms, vitamin E works a lot better in its natural form. What does Vitamin E do?: Vitamin E does a lot of work to protect your skin from negative environmental circumstances. Since it protects your skin from UV rays, you can find vitamin E in many sunscreen brands.

Vitamins C and E also work well together. Purchase an anti-aging or serum that contains both of these antioxidants. Moisturizers and serums act as a good source of vitamin E.


Retinol acts as one of the very best antioxidants for your skin. It not only restores your skin. It also straightens out your uneven skin tone and eradicates enlarged pores, bumps, wrinkles, fine lines, rough skin, and the luminosity of skin.

What does Retinol do?: Retinol improves the resiliency of your skin, which makes it more firm and youthful looking. Retinol’s anti-aging properties minimize skin dullness, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Retinol also helps unclog your pores and assist with other types of skin imperfections.


You can find resveratrol in red grapes, blueberries, red wine, fruits, and nuts. This antioxidant operates as the new guy at the antioxidant party, but research has shown that resveratrol is just as effective as many of the other nutrients on this list.

What resveratrol does?: It protects the surface of your skin, helps intercept negative environmental influences from affecting your skin, and brightens your skin. Resveratrol also reduces redness. Look for this antioxidant in eye creams and moisturizers.

5-Green Tea

Many different types of tea, including green tea, has excellent anti-aging properties. When you apply green tea topically, it can protect your skin from the environmental factors that can wreak havoc on your skin. Green tea can also reduce redness in your skin. Look for moisturizers with green tea for these effects.

-Antioxidants Work Well Together

When we start talking about skin and antioxidants, remember that they work better together. When the antioxidants on this list get combined, along with the use of sunscreen every day and other antioxidants and ingredients that are good for your skin, you can end up getting remarkable results.

So when you purchase your skin care products, try to double, triple, and even quadruple up on your antioxidant haul. Don’t forget to follow us on facebookInstagramPinterest and twitter. Visit our shop to get our digital products.

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