4 Self-Care Routine After Tragedy or Loss

Everyone goes through loss in their life, whether it is a loved one, a pet, a friend, or
another type of loss more personal to them. Tragedy has a way of flipping your life
upside down, causing you to have doubts, and becoming overwhelmed in sadness and

This is all completely normal, but it is also important to continue practicing self-care
during this time, even if it looks much different than before tragedy struck.

1- Allow Yourself Time to Grieve

There is no time limit on grief. Give yourself the time and freedom to grieve how you
want, and for as long as you need to. It is not uncommon to feel like you want to rush
through this and “get back to normal”, but unfortunately, it is not something you can

The best form of self-care you can give yourself during this time is to give your self
patience and time for your grief. Nobody should ever tell you to hurry up or “get over it”.
Now might be a good time to separate yourself from people who make these types of
demands on you.

2- Move Your Body in Gentle and Enjoyable Ways

When it comes time to move on to the next stage of the grieving process, start moving
your body. This is a great way to practice some self-care, even when you don’t feel like
you can get back to your normal life just yet. Try to find very gentle ways to move your
body, even if that just means going for a 10 minute walk around your neighborhood, or
doing a stretching routine at home.

If you feel up to it, it might help to walk or exercise with other loved ones, though this
self-care is for you. So, if you prefer doing it alone, please do.

3- Schedule Time with Your Support System

Think of the people in your support system who understand your grief and won’t judge
you. Schedule more time with these people as part of your self-care during this time.
Think of the people you feel the most comfortable with in difficult times. It might be a
sibling or parent, best friend, or even neighbor who always puts you at east. These are
your best support system during this time.

4- Find Ways to Nurture Your Emotional and Mental Health

This is also a good idea to really focus on your emotional health, and continue nurturing
it. Treat yourself with kindness, and only choose self-care activities that help to give you
grace during this time.

It might mean writing in a journal, taking some time off work to rest your mind, reading
or watching your favorite shows on Netflix, or enjoying a nighttime ritual where you just
sit for a few minutes and cry about your grief. There is nothing wrong with that.

See you soon,


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