4 Benefits of Walking in the Evening

Are you starting a new walking routine and trying to choose between mornings or evenings? Here are some reasons why you might want to walk near the end of your day.

1- Friends or Family Can Join You

– When you save your walking for the afternoon or evening, it tends to be easier to have others join in. It can be a lot more motivating when you aren’t walking alone, especially if you choose to walk outdoors, go on a hike, or find a nearby beach or park for the scenery.

– You can have friends walk with you after work, or bring your dogs and kids on an evening walk around the neighborhood after dinner. You may find that you don’t even mind the walk when you have others to chat with on the way.

2- It Helps You Sleep Better

– Many people have also found that when they walk in the evening a few hours before bedtime, they sleep much better. Try experimenting for just a few days and see if walking near the end of your day helps you sleep at all.

– You can still a morning workout if you want, such as doing yoga in the morning or some simple stretching, then save your walking and other cardio for the evening. That way, you get both benefits.

3- Your Muscles are More Flexible

– When you walk first thing in the morning, your muscles and body is stiff, making it hard to get moving without a long stretch first. However, by the end of the day, you have been moving your body all day, so your muscles are warm and flexible.

– This makes it much easier to just start walking right away when you’re ready in the evening, without needing a long stretch or warmup. Another benefit is that you won’t feel as many cramps or have a hard time getting started since your muscles are more than ready to go by this point.

4- It Relieves Stress and Worry from the Day

– Walking is a great way to release endorphins and put you in a better mood. If you have had a stressful day with the kids, had a fight with a friend, or stress from work, walking in the evening can help tremendously.

– Think about it like a form of self-care, not a form of exercise. A way you can have a little time to yourself, unwind, and move your body. You know it is good for your physical health regardless, but in this way, it is great for your mental health as well. You are doing something amazing for yourself, and working to get those endorphins so the rest of your night you are in a stress-free and happy mood.

– So dear friends, make walking your best friend before you go to bed at night!

– Anne-Vasthi

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