4 Ways to Rest When You Deal with Burnout and Overwhelm

When people talk about mental health, you might assume it is only about severe stress
or mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, but it can also be about your general
mental state at any given time. This includes if you are overwhelmed in your life and
facing burnout.

It is just as important to rest when you have burnout as if you are dealing with a
diagnosed mental health condition. Here are some tips for figuring out how to rest your
mind and body.

1- Find Your Stressors

Before you can figure out how to get more rest when dealing with burnout, you need to
first understand what is causing the overwhelm or burnout in the first place. This is in
the form of your stressors or triggers. A stressor or trigger is something that is causing
you to feel more overwhelmed or anxious throughout the day.

Is something in your life different right now? Maybe your loved ones have been more
demanding, you aren’t taking enough breaks, or work has gotten chaotic. It can be
anything from your job to your home life to the people you are around. Something as
simple as falling behind on your daily journal can trigger burnout because you don’t
have those few minutes to unleash all the thoughts in your head and stop obsessing
over them.

2- Find Ways to Practice Daily Self-Care

Self-care doesn’t need to be overly complicated or cost any money. It can be as simple
as going for a walk after dinner, sitting in your office with the door closed during your
lunch break, or reading a book in the evenings instead of watching TV.

3- Learn How to Say No

Learning how to say no is a beautiful thing, and can benefit you in so many ways,
beginning with helping you to rest from burnout. This might be personal obligations or
people in your life who are always asking you for help, or work being more demanding.
Burnout can happen in such subtle ways, where you think you’re just helping out a
friend and don’t realize how much it is impacting your own life.

4- Take a Break From Work if You Can

While this is not always an option, try to take a break from work in whatever form you
are able to. This is of course a privilege not everyone has, but if you do, take advantage
of it. Take a mental health day where you don’t even think about work and might even
get out of your house for a day. Take a long weekend or go on a short trip.

If this isn’t an option, then try to lighten your work load. Figure out if you have any work
tasks that can be delegated to other people, or if you can move your schedule around to
have a few days a week that aren’t quite as hectic.

I hope these tips help you when you are dealing with burnout and overwhelm!

See you soon,


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Pooja G says:

    These are fantastic tips. I work from home and sometimes it’s easy to spend all day working if I don’t remind myself to take breaks. Self-care is also extremely helpful and can really help destress.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very glad that you find these tips very helpful. I hope you can apply them in your daily living 😊.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Pooja G says:

        Thanks and I hope so too ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Anne-Vasthi Louissaint says:

    Hello @POOJA G! I share the same feelings as you. I believe that the contents of this article will help you throughout your daily life. Take care!

    Liked by 2 people

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