How To Coping with Nighttime Depression?

Depression and its symptoms can come at any time, as you are probably well aware.
But some people tend to experience it worse at night. There are many reasons for this,
from possibly being lonely at night, to being in a quiet room where your mind starts
thinking, and often overthinking, about everything. Luckily, there are some ways to help
you cope with your nighttime depression.

– Unwind Ahead of Time

The first thing you can do when you suffer from depression at night is to begin
unwinding for bed ahead of time. You really should start a new nighttime routine that will
allow your body and mind to get adjusted to going to sleep soon. It can be more
unnerving when you go straight to bed after having your brain or body extremely active.
When you do that, your brain suddenly accepts your feelings and thoughts get out of

Try participating in relaxing activities that distract you from your depression. Avoid
caffeine or alcohol before bed, and take a bath with some essential oils like lavender or

– Find a Nighttime Distraction

While insomnia can often be worsened by listening to music or watching TV at night, it
might be needed to help with the depression. This can be a vicious cycle, so it is
important to find the right balance for you. It might mean listening to music that is
soothing and distracts your mind from your thoughts, but doesn’t stimulate you too
much. On the other hand, save watching TV or hanging out with friends late at night for
when you feel your nighttime depression going through a really bad phase.

– Focus Other Treatments for the Nighttime

Some treatments for depression, like antidepressants, can be taken at any time of the
day, so that might not make much of a difference. However, other more natural
treatments, can be adjusted based on the time when you feel your worst. Switch up
your schedule where you take vitamins like serotonin or vitamin D at night, take nightly
baths with essential oils, and do your journaling or mindful practice in the evenings.

Depression is a mental illness with no cure, but one that can be treated and coped with
by using a variety of methods. When you deal with nighttime depression, it is just a
matter of finding what relieves those bad moments in the evening with a little trial and

See you soon,



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