How To Create a Fast and Effective Morning Routine?

Morning routines have been a hot topic for a few years now, but when you look them up, they are often overwhelming and take an hour or more. If you don’t want to get up at 4 every morning for a morning routine, or spend 1-2 hours on it, there are still some amazing options. Here are some tips for a fast and effective morning routine.

Choose Your Top 3

To start working on a faster morning routine, just choose your top 3 habits you want to add to your morning routine. Not a list of 10 or 15 things you think you need to do every morning before you start the rest of the day, but just 3 things that would improve your day.

This is going to look different for everyone, but here are some items that might be good to choose from:

  • Journaling
  • Stretching
  • Drinking a full glass of water
  • Taking a shower
  • Going for a walk
  • Reading
  • Meditating

Create a Menu of Options

Another great idea is to look at your morning routine as a menu, not a rigid schedule. Have a list of activities you like to include in your morning routine, but look at them as a list of items you can choose from.

List all of the activities you want to try doing in the morning, from waking up early to exercise, to having a green smoothie before your coffee. Small habits and big habits can all be included.

Then, each morning, consider what you are in the mood for, what would benefit you the most that day, and what you have time for. Select a few habits from your menu of options, and you will still feel like you had a productive morning routine.

Save Time-Consuming Activities for Later

If you need your morning routine to be shorter, save some of the more time-consuming activities for later in the day. Not everyone has time for an hour-long Pilates class in the morning that you have to drive to, or even reading a chapter in their book.

If you want to start journaling every day, but tend to be short on time in the morning, don’t worry about it! There is no reason you can’t journal more during the afternoon or your nighttime routine when you have a little more time. Flexibility is great when it comes to your daily habits and routines.

No one in the world ever manages to stick to a schedule of daily routines, but if we get used to it daily, we can hold on. Isn´t it true dear internet users?


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