4 Benefits Of Getting Your Kids on a Healthy Routine

– Staying healthy and sane during any type of isolation or quarantine as an adult is hard enough, but when you consider the challenges for your children, it is especially difficult. Your kids rely on their routines, so when they are home, they are used to the weekends where they have fun with their games, maybe do a little homework, play with their friends, and eat more snacks than on a normal day.

– Here are some tips for getting your kids on a healthy routine while you are spending more time at home.

1) Make a Basic Daily Schedule

– One thing that you can do to help kids stay focused and on track would be to make a daily schedule as part of your routine. Having a clear schedule ensures that they know what kinds of activities will be happening through the day, and where they will be fitting into things.

– At each section, you can point out the time and where you are in the schedule. If it’s posted in an open area, they can easily look at it to see where they are in the day. If they aren’t able to read yet, it will still give them a sense of order that can bring comfort in times that are difficult.

2) Make Time to Work Off Emotional Energies

– Even though you might be inside for a time waiting for a disruptive event to end, physical movement is very important. Your schedule should include at least one section a day where you get up and jump around, dance, and do some kind of sustained exercise to get the blood flowing and heart rate up. Don’t forget about recess! Your kids have recess at school, where they probably go outside and play at least twice a day. You can have morning and afternoon recess at home as well.

3) Spend Time Listening to Your Children

– Being an adult takes a lot of focus, but one thing that a lot of parents forget to do, is to take time listening to their children. Making your children felt heard can be very beneficial, and you can get information about how they feel each day.

– It also gives a chance to give ideas on how they can spend time, or what kinds of activities they would like to do. Use what you learn from your kids to switch up their routine, not just for their physical health, but mental health as well.

4) Cook and Bake Together

– During this extended time at home, you will probably be doing more cooking and baking from scratch. Get your kids involved! You can teach them the joy of cooking, teach them some essential skills, and let them put together some of their own healthy recipes as well.

– Dear Internet users, educators and followers, even though computer technologies are advancing, always make sure to spend time with your children, talk to them, try to understand how they feel and what they need. After school, help them with their homework. Make it a habit to involve them in household chores from the time they are young so that it won’t be a heavy burden when they are teenagers. Do not leave them to their own devices lest they indulge in bad habits. Thus, you will raise good men and women for the advancement of our society.

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– Anne-Vasthi


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