5 Ways to Pay Attention to While Mindful Eating

As you begin to be more mindful during your meals, you might have a little difficulty with the silence and your mind wandering. If you can’t listen to anything or watch TV, what do you actually put your focus on? Here are some things you will pay attention to when you are mindful eating.

1. Think About Why You Chose the Food You Did

The first thing you can focus on is what you are eating and what made you choose that food. This is a great first step to mindful eating, and also combines some practices of intuitive eating as well. It is a way to remain neutral and not judge your choices, but at the same time, become aware of your intentions, understand if you were physically or emotionally hungry, and soon learn when you crave certain types of foods.

2. How Does it Smell?

Start using your senses by starting with smell. What aromas do you notice in the food, and how do they change between just sitting in front of your plate, and taking your first bite? Is the smell intriguing? Is it sweet smelling or tangy? Does it smell spicy because of all the garlic and peppers you used? Smell is an interesting sense to use while mindful eating, because unlike taste and sight, it isn’t one you think you use very often during meals.

3. Do You Enjoy the Flavors?

As you begin eating your meal, notice each of the flavors of your food and decide if they are satisfying or not. One thing to do during this time is to first imagine how it will taste, then describe how it does taste, and finally the best part of the flavors. Is it the slightly tangy sweetness of a piece of fruit? Or are you enjoying the freshness of the salad more than you thought you would? Again, a lot can come up with this very simple practice.

4. When Did You Start Experiencing Fullness?

When you get further into your meal, start eating slower and paying attention to your body’s signals. You are looking for signs that you might start getting full. This can be a little different for everyone, but here are some signs to keep an eye out for:

The food starts tasting different or less intriguing

You start playing with your food

Your stomach feels physically full or bloated

You lose interest in the food

5. Do You Feel Happy and Satisfied?

When your meal is over, do a summary about how you felt and if you are satisfied and happy with your food choices. Was it a satisfying meal? Would you eat it again? Would you prepare it differently next times?

Dear followers and internet users, eat the food that your stomach can digest, not to please people but for your own good. Eat according to the country, the culture you belong to. How about tasting the food of other cultures to discover new flavors? Experience it and you will benefit from it.


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