5 Negative Effects of Being a Workaholic

Even though the symptoms of being a workaholic can be viewed as negative
consequences in themselves, there are some long-term issues that can arise out of
being a workaholic. Today, more and more people are taking a closer look at these
effects, and how they can give people insight into what kinds of things cause a person
to become a workaholic.

1- You Become More Stressed When You’re Working

When you’re at work and you’ve been thinking about the multitude of scenarios that
could have negative outcomes for long enough, it becomes a permanent state of mind.
These feelings of fluctuating self-worth can begin to color how you feel in all situations
that take place at work, and it is common to begin to feel as though you are being taken
advantage of somehow.

2- You Disconnect from Your Own Feelings

When a person approaches burnout or completes a major project, it’s common for them
to experience confusion and a feeling of being unsettled. This usually happens because
a workaholic is used to using work as a way to fill time and deal with emotions. When
they are no longer able to work, they may experience a total disconnect from their own

3- You Become Callous to The Feelings of Others

A lot of people who become workaholics seem to lose sight of empathy. There may
even be feelings of superiority over those who don’t choose to work on the same type of
schedule. This type of attitude can have the ability to inflict heavy damage on
relationships, as people close to a workaholic will see how it negatively affects them
over the long term.

4- Your Work Performance Suffers

At a certain point, the feelings of stress and resulting burnout can and most likely will
cause the workaholic to become unfocused. This can lower the quality of their work
performance. This can manifest in a variety of ways. For example, a workaholic might
discover that they are making mistakes that wouldn’t be normal for a person of their skill
level or experience.

5- Your Sleep Becomes Disrupted

The continued toll taken on mental and physical health may reach a point where it even
affects their ability to sleep. Studies have shown that people who have this sleep
disruption due to workaholism often show signs of being tired during the day, and
especially in the workplace. This creates a snowball effect that can make the issues a
workaholic faces seem like an immovable stone, but there is a way to be free.

As I said previously, being a workaholic can have both a positive and negative side. Those negative sides affect your mental health, your behavior towards other, your work environment, your family and friends. Everything in life is about balance. Without balance there’s no life. And life is worthless without a good balance sheet. I recommend always to look for any negative signs in your life and seek help on time.

See you soon,



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