How Mindful Eating Improves Your Relationship with Food

-One of the biggest benefits to becoming a mindful eater is that you can start improving your relationship with food. If you come from a past of dieting to control your weight, food anxiety, or food fears, then this is a wonderful practice to add into your life.

A) You Appreciate Food for What it is

-The first way mindful eating helps with your relationship with food is by helping you to fully appreciate food for what it is, instead of being afraid of it. No matter what your history with food and dieting is, you probably have some fear foods. These are foods that you get anxiety around if offered them at a party, or that you never keep in the house because you feel like you can’t control how much you eat.

-With mindful eating, it helps you to make all foods neutral, so no food is good or bad. It is all food and all nourishes you in different ways. You understand that your day, mood, hunger, cravings, time of the month, and so many other factors go into satisfaction from these different types of foods.

B) All Your Senses are Activated

-You will be using each and every sense you have during your meals, which helps in so many ways. By using your senses, it is further going to help you see food for what it is. You understand different flavors, colors, textures, smells, and sounds with your food, which further helps it all to become allowed in your diet. The more you can focus on your senses, the less you will focus on biases you have toward certain “unhealthy” foods.

C) You Begin Experiencing Less Guilt and Shame

-The reason people often have a bad relationship with food is from diet mentality. This can lead you to fearing food, and experiencing a lot of guilt and shame over your food choices. Luckily, through mindful eating, you start lessening these emotions and instead just reveling in the experience of eating.

-There is no reason to feel any type of guilt over the foods you eat or how much. Sure, you might overeat a little and feel uncomfortable for a few hours, but mindful eating helps to minimize that as long as you pay attention to your body’s signs.

D) All Foods Fit and You Can Enjoy Them All

-Just like in intuitive eating, mindful eating helps you accept all foods and fit them all into your life. There is a place of everything, from grilled chicken and salads, to pastries and popcorn. Mindful eating helps you slowly discover the foods you love, and the foods you aren’t really a big fan of.

-Dear Internet users and subscribers, eat wisely all kinds of food that you feel like eating, knowing that each one has its own value and importance in your daily life. Try to consume even for once the dishes you do not like by trying to cook them in your own way. Don’t hesitate to make changes in your diet from time to time.


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