3 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Gluten-Free

So, you’ve decided to try the gluten free life. It might be from a gluten sensitivity or
allergy, or just because you like the health benefits. At this stage, it’s possible that
you’ve taken all of the bready, sweet, salty bread products and tossed them into the
trash as you take one last look before you start your new life as a gluten free person,
but as you walk back towards the kitchen, you may find that you really don’t know much
about what kinds of foods can have gluten in them before buy them. If you continue
reading the next few paragraphs, you’ll find some pointers on which mistakes to avoid
when going gluten-free.

1- The Gluten-Free Learning Curve

If you don’t know anything about how to actually avoid gluten in the multitudes of foods
that are mass produced on a daily basis, you might discover that despite all of your
changes, you’ve just ended up eating less palatable versions of all of the foods you like,
while still eating gluten. The best thing to do is arm yourself with a true knowledge of
exactly what foods and brands can contain or become contaminated with gluten at
some point. A large portion of people who live with celiac disease are unaware that
sauces from the store are often packed full of gluten, which can completely cancel out
the work you did to find a gluten-free light beer.

2- Replacing Your Diet with Gluten-Free Junk

It’s one thing to limit yourself to healthy foods that you can eat fresh, but it’s another to
sit and get stuffed on gluten-free junk foods that are intended as treats. These items
might not contain much of the gluten that you’re trying to avoid, but still contain a
measure of fat, salt, sugar and other additives that are used as preservatives. Food
manufacturers are well known for creating products that they can market to people will
poor impulse control. If you have a health condition like celiac disease, then it’s more
important than even to find fresh foods to eat. This is one way to be absolutely sure of
what you’re eating.

3- Relying on Processed Foods for Gluten-Free Options

In today’s modern world, a large cross-section of young adults have become
accustomed to eating high amounts of processed foods. Unfortunately, these habits can
often continue right into a new gluten free diet routine because gluten free items exist in
nature, but the added value of the words “gluten-free” draw in the curious buyer.

In short, the best way to get the nutrients that you need would be to cook your own food, and
squeeze your own juices. That way you can prevent yourself from allowing any gluten
slip past your watchful eyes.

See you soon,


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    1. I’m so glad you discovered something new. 😊


      1. I really like your ideas.
        The information is well written and beautifully balanced

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