4 Ingenious Ways In Finding a Creative Outlet to Deal with Anxiety

– Having a creative outlet benefits you in a number of ways, both with anxiety and just
your general mood and outlook on life. Creative activities often have a calming effect on
the body and mind. And don’t worry – you don’t need to be artistic or have a special skill
for this to benefit you and help with your anxiety.

1- Something You Used to Enjoy Doing as a Kid

– If you aren’t quite sure how to start, an easy way to transition into finding a creative outlet is thinking about what you enjoyed doing as a kid. Think of it first as a broad generalization, like drawing, painting, playing music, dancing, really anything that used that creative part of your brain. From there, you can then figure out the specifics. Maybe you liked learning new forms of art rather than sticking to one thing, you enjoyed writing poetry or short stories, or loved coloring.

– Anything you enjoyed as a kid could be a sign of what you might enjoy as an adult, even
if it’s slightly different. Take it to the next level and give it a try right now. You will reduce
your stress and your anxiety will suddenly be a lot easier to manage.

2- Meditate Through Music and Dance

– People often think of being creative as having to be artistic and create something like art
or crafts, but music and dance can also be part of the creative arts. Music and dance
both get you into a type of meditative state.

– Not one where you are sitting in a quiet room with your eyes closed, but where all your thoughts float away into the melody. From listening to music during your daily self-care routine to dancing it out in your living room, it is definitely worth exploring if you have anxiety.

3- Learn Something New

– This is also a great time to learn something new, whether it is a form of art you have always been curious about, or taking a photography class to brush up on your skills. Make a list of the different creative activities you have been curious about.

– Maybe you have a fancy camera but you don’t know about all the settings, or you have always
wanted to try making pottery or ceramics. There are classes online and in person for just about anything, so let your imagination run wild.

4- Being Creative Doesn’t Require Being Artistic

– Don’t shy away from finding a creative outlet just because you aren’t artistic. First of all,
art is subjective, so what you personally love might not be what someone else loves and
vice versa.

– And most people who create things that other deem appealing practiced a lot at it. But when it comes to anxiety, you aren’t trying to be perfect. You are simply finding a hobby or activity that uses a different part of your brain, helps distract you, and gives you something to do just for you.

– Dear Internet users, use the creativity of your brain to better fight against anxiety. May the content of this article be instructive to you!

– Anne-Vasthi

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