What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is a type of awareness you have during the moment of eating your food.
Similar to other forms of mindfulness, you enter a place of non-judgment, and instead
appreciate the current moment, from what you are eating and whether you are enjoying
it, to details like the taste and temperature of your food.

– Is it the Same as Mindfulness?

Mindful eating is a type of mindfulness that uses the same principles. The main
difference is that it is a specific task you perform where you are mindful, as opposed to
more general mindfulness throughout the day. But as a definition, yes, mindful eating is
using mindfulness tools and techniques.

– Why Mindful Eating is so Beneficial?

You are going to benefit in many different ways by becoming more mindful:

  • Heal your relationship with food: if you tend to feel guilty or try to control your food,
    you might not have a great relationship with food. Mindful eating is going to ease these
    stresses and help you allow all food and understand that it is not something o fear.
  • Learn to eat slower: eating slower helps you focus more on your food and how it
    makes you feel, gives you time to notice when you are feeling full, and helps a lot with
    your digestion.
  • Have a better understanding of hunger and fullness : you will also start noticing
    your own body’s cues when it comes to when you are truly hungry or emotionally
    hungry, and when your body is full.
  • Know what food satisfies you and makes you feel good: beyond neutralizing all
    food and putting a stop to the food labels, mindful eating also helps you figure out what
    foods your body does and doesn’t like. For some people, they discover a lactose
    intolerance they didn’t know they had, others just prefer certain foods at specific times
    of the day.

– Easy Ways to Get Started

Not sure where to start? The easiest thing to do is choose one meal or snack a day
when you tend to be alone without a lot of distractions. All you have to do is turn off the
TV, minimize windows on your computer, or turn your phone to silent. Then, you just eat
your meal without those distractions. This alone is often enough to help you start
becoming more mindful.

– What Mindful Eating Isn’t?

Mindful eating is not meant to be a way to restrict food, diet, or intentionally lose weight.
You are not trying to be mindful in order to eat as little as possible. While you might end
up losing weight naturally from mindful eating, when it becomes your intention, it gets in
the way of the other benefits of being more mindful when you eat.

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