The 4 Benefits of Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are not just good for relaxing and reducing headaches – they also have some unique benefits for your hair and scalp. If you are struggling with hair loss, consider these benefits of scalp massages.

1. It Encourages New Hair Growth

First of all, if you have had thinning or hair loss, then you can promote new hair growth with regular scalp massages. This will increase blood circulation on your scalp, which is going to also stimulate growth from your hair follicles. You can use your fingers to gently massage your hair or get a soft scalp massager tool and keep it in the shower.

2. The Oils are Great for Your Scalp

When you are massaging your scalp, you typically will do it with some type of oil. This keeps you from irritating your scalp with dry hands or loosening your hairs while it is wet, which is the last thing you want to do. You need a little more slip to massage your scalp without losing more hair, which is what oil helps you do. The oils, like tea tree oil, coconut, and olive oil, not only help with the massage itself, but with your scalp condition and helping to relieve conditions that might be leading to the hair loss.

3. You Can Relieve Stress

As you might know, hair loss is often related to emotional or physical stress. By doing a relaxing activity that relieve tension headaches and reduce stress, you are helping to reduce your hair loss as well. It is often difficult to relieve stress from outside sources you can’t control, but what you can do is focus more on self-help when you get the opportunity, even if that means a 5-minute scalp massage every day while you are washing your hair.

4. It is Easy to do

Finally, don’t disregard the convenience and simplicity of scalp massages. It is one of the easiest ways to encourage new hair growth, since you can do it just about anywhere. You can get a tool that lets you perform a scalp massage dry and at any time, whether while getting ready for work, in the middle of a stressful day, or in theevening before bed. You can use oils in the shower, or just do the massage while applying shampoo and conditioner, spending a few extra minutes in the shower. Scalp massages provide many benefits, both for hair loss and otherwise.

Taking care of your scalp is the best thing you can do to have healthy hair. Just use the best oils to maintain it.


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