How to Know You Need a Protein Treatment

  • Hair loss is very complex, and might be due to your diet and nutrient deficiencies, genetics, medical conditions, and even how you take care of your hair. Sometimes, it is related to what you are using in your hair. You might need a protein treatment, which can nourish your hair and reduce breakage and excessive shedding. Here are some signs that your hair is in need of a protein treatment.

Look for Protein in Your Conditioner

  • Now that you understand about the common signs of needing a protein treatment, it is time to see how much protein you get on a regular basis. Start by looking in your hair products, specifically your conditioner. Most conditioners do use protein, but at different levels.
  • If your conditioner claims to be repairing, reconstructing, or balancing, it probably has protein. Some terms you might see on the ingredients list are keratin, hydrolyzed wheat or silk protein, soy protein, and collagen or hydrolyzed collagen.

You Have Frizz and Tangles

  • These are common signs of having high porosity hair, which is often need of more protein. High porosity hair might also be susceptible to hair loss and breakage, since there are gaps in your hair strands. This allows them to be penetrated by outside sources of damage, and often result in increased damage after hair treatments like coloring your hair. If your hair recently started looking frizzier and with more tangles, you might be in need of a protein treatment.

You Are Losing Elasticity

  • Another sign that your hair needs more protein is when it doesn’t seem as elastic anymore. If you typically have wavy or curly hair naturally, you might first notice this because your curls are stringy or less curly in general. This makes it to where your curls or waves just don’t bounce back anymore.
  • Regardless of your hair type, you can test hair elasticity by taking a few strands of hair still attached to your head, wetting them, and pulling gently. If they snap off easily, then you might have elasticity problems.

There is More Shedding

  • Of course, just dealing with hair loss and breakage on its own could be a sign of needing a protein treatment. Your hair becomes dry and brittle, and prone to breakage when you don’t have enough protein in it. Try a natural protein treatment like a hair mask or just doing a rice rinse and see if it changes the health and texture of your hair.
  • Dear readers and followers, we live in an era where physical appearance, skin clarity, fashion and charm are very much used. So, let’s take care of our hair in the best way possible, because our hair comes in different types and colors.
  • Anne-Vasthi

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