Bad to Best Real Foods List

– For some people, it takes a lot of effort to make corrections to habits that they’ve had for long periods of time. Or you might be someone who needs to see something at a glance in order to make a positive change.

– In this article, you will learn about the best foods that are considered ‘real foods’, similar to clean eating and following a whole foods lifestyle.

Some Examples

´´ To get a good grasp of the tiers of food quality, you’ll find different examples of similar
meals below. This shows in a simple way how source, content and freshness can make
a major impact on the quality of your food. Convenience foods make up a large portion
of what people consider when they are short on time but sacrifice their nutritional
content. There are also cultural factors that appear across the board, but the impact is
relatively clear ´´.


  • Bad – Coffee with artificial sweetener, name brand jelly with high-fructose corn syrup, Box cereal with high fructose corn syrup,
  • Good – Coffee with white sugar, jelly that’s been sweetened with fruit juice, Instant oats, orange juice from the store.
  • Better – Coffee with a small amount of natural sweetener like honey, freshly crushed berries, plain oatmeal sweetened with honey or fruit chunks, homemade granola.


  • Bad – Bag of processed snacks, Inexpensive white bread, prepackaged meat cuts with filler, salt, and water added, name brand mayonnaise, can of soda.
  • Good – Baked seasoned nuts, pre seasoned popcorn, Specialty whole grain bread bought at the store, store sliced cold cuts of meat, organic specialty mayonnaise, store bought juice drink, or flavored name brand iced tea.
  • Better – Raw nuts, Popcorn you seasoned, homemade trail mix, whole wheat bread made by you or bakery, freshly cooked and sliced meats, lightly seasoned mashed avocado for spread, freshly squeezed juice, tea, or water.


  • Bad – Conventional meat from the store, box macaroni and cheese, dehydrated vegetable packet, can of soda or fruit punch that doesn’t contain much juice and is abundant with high fructose corn syrup.

  • Good – Organic meat from the store, organic box macaroni and cheese, frozen vegetables for a side, store bought sparkling cider, specialty sodas.
  • Better – Locally raised meat, homemade shells and real cheese, fresh seared vegetables, homemade sodas, juice, teas, flavored with juice mixtures, or water.

-This simple list should give you a good idea about foods that are good, bad, or the best when eating a real foods diet.

Dear readers, choose real foods for the proper functioning of your body as well as for one of the greatest riches that God has attributed to man, your health.


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