Why You Should Consider Hula Hooping For Fitness

The Hula Hoop flew onto the scene in 1958 and quickly become one of the most
successful toys ever created. But as time went on, people began to learn that this
genius invention was worth a lot more than a fun toy to play with during time the sock
hop. Hula Hoops Are still around to this day, and recent years have seen them become
a staple in exercise, but why should you consider hula hooping for fitness? The
following article will be exploring just a few points.

-Hula Hoop Form

Like most other exercise, stretching beforehand can help prepare you for the workout,
and help you to prevent sustaining injuries. Before you begin, you should stretch your
arms, legs and back. For good measure, perform a few lunges as well. Swing the Hula
Hoop around your waist. To keep the hula hoop moving, shift your weight back and
forth. Rock your hips in a circular motion as you go. Over time, focus on increasing the
amount of time that you can hula hoop. Increase your time by 5 – 10 minutes each time
you practice. This will be a great starting point for your hula hoop exercise program.
Work your way up to being able to hula hoop for 30 minutes.

If you have a hard time, start out with a heavier hula hoop. Once you have become
relatively experienced, you can begin to use much smaller hula hoops that are more

-Back and Legs

As you rock back and forth, you are working a lot of very essential joints. As you flex
and rotate your spine, knee, and hip joints, the motion will work your hamstrings,
quadriceps, hip flexors, dorsiflexes on the front of your legs, and your calf muscles. You
might get sore if you’re not used to any sort of activity, but simply give your body a day
of rest and get back into it. Within a short time, you will notice that your body is already
becoming stronger and your muscles are now becoming used to the exercise.

-Weight Loss

Studies have shown that a consistent workout routine involving hula hooping have been
effective in aid weight loss. This is likely to be due to the fact that the simple motion of
hula hooping engages multiple muscle groups. 30 minutes of hula hooping may have
the ability to burn nearly as many calories as an intense 45-minute workout.

As childish as we may think the hula hoop is, it is a very important tool to improve our fitness. When I was a child I used to think that only children could play with hula hoops. But, after reading a lot about its benefits I recommend it to anyone who wants to exercise in a fun way. Because not all of us like to go to the gym and do hard exercises. I hope you can buy one and enjoy its benefits as much as I do. Don’t forget to visit our shop, we will be adding new products very soon.

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