What to Add to Your Shampoo for Hair Loss

Are you struggling with hair loss? If so, this can be a very frustrating and often anxiety-inducing experience. Before trying a bunch of products to help re-grow your hair, consider some natural ingredients you can add to your favorite shampoo. Honey This may seem strange, but honey is actually a miracle worker for your hair….

The 4 Benefits of Scalp Massages

– Scalp massages are not just good for relaxing and reducing headaches – they also have some unique benefits for your hair and scalp. If you are struggling with hair loss, consider these benefits of scalp massages. 1. It Encourages New Hair Growth First of all, if you have had thinning or hair loss, then…

Improving Your Skin? Don’t Forget Your Scalp!

– If you’re trying to figure out a healthy skincare routine, it’s important to include your scalp. Many people take great care of the skin on their face, but they completely neglect their scalp and let it get oily, irritated, or damaged. For healthy skin and hair, you should always take care of your scalp….

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8 Health Benefits of Collagen

– You have probably heard of collagen here and there, possibly from friends or co- workers, but what exactly is it? The collagen you see in stores, particularly health food-stores or even online, is a powdered form of collagen that you actually already have in your body. – Why do you need a collagen supplement?…